Connect to SecureMustangWireless with your macOS device for the first time.

  • You must know your computer's administrative password to connect to SecureMustangWireless, which is different from your Cal Poly password. 
  • Faculty and Staff: If you do not know your computer's administrative password, please contact your department's CITC (LAN) Coordinator or the ITS Service Desk.
  1. Go to the Wi-Fi menu in the top right corner of the screen and select WiFiSetup.

  2. Open Safari. You should be redirected to the device registration page. If you aren't redirected, go to any web address in the address bar (except or and press the Return button.

    Click the Click here to install the root certificate link.  

    Install the root certificate
  3. In the REGISTER YOUR DEVICE box, enter your Cal Poly username and password, then click the Log In button. 

    Register Your Device
  4. Click the Install Certificate button.

    Install Certificate
  5. A file, mdps_profile.php.cer, will download to your computer. Double click on the file to launch and install it.

    Launch and install the file
  6. Next, profile set up will automatically launch. Click the Continue button.

  7. Click the Install button.

    Install Profile
    You may be asked to enter your computer username and password to make the changes. Click the OK button.

    Enter your Computer User Name and Password
  8. While your device is now provisioned, there are a few more steps. You must remove or "forget" the WiFiSetup network from your device, before connecting to SecureMustangWireless.
  9. Go to System Preferences Network. Select Wi-Fi, click the Advanced... button.

    System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced

    Click on WiFi Setup, then click the Subtract (-) button to remove the network. Click the OK button.

    Remove WiFiSetup and Click OK

    Click the Apply button.

    Apply Button
  10. Go to the Wi-Fi menu in the top right corner of the screen and select SecureMustangWireless.

    Select SecureMustangWireless

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