General Wireless Issues

I was connected, but my download stalled.

You may be in an area where the signal is weak; move closer to the transmitting antenna and try again. The web site or server you are trying to connect to may be down; try another site or server.

I was connected, but lost my signal.

You may be in an area where the signal is weak, or you may be behind an obstruction; move to another area and try again.

I got a "connection refused", "unable to reach host", "unable to locate the server" or "the page cannot be displayed" message.

This is usually unrelated to the wireless network; check the address you are trying to reach or try a different web site or server. If you cannot reach any other sites or servers, return to the checkout counter and ask for a replacement laptop.

I can connect, but it seems slow.

Try a different web site or server. If the speeds are fast, this indicates that the web site or service you were trying to reach may have been busy; try again in a few minutes.

If all web sites or services that you attempt to connect to are consistently slow, there may be many users on the wireless network at one time. Try again in a few minutes.

When I try to connect, I receive a certificate error message.

You may have expired certificates. Please follow the instructions for Windows or Mac.

When I try to connect, Windows says "Windows cannot configure this wireless connection".

Often when a computer is purchased (for example: from a company like Dell), there is pre-installed software on the computer intended to help manage your wireless connection. These programs prevent windows from managing your wireless connection.

To tell if one of these programs is running try to connect to a wireless network by double clicking on the wireless connection icon in the windows taskbar. It should look like this:

Windows wireless icon

If the window that comes up looks like this:

Windows cannot configure this wireless connection

Another wireless configuration utility is probably running. It is recommended that you learn to use that wireless utility to configure your wireless internet connection. You will need to open that utility by finding its icon on your task bar and either double clicking on it or right clicking and choosing an option from the menu. The Dell wireless utility icon looks like this:

Dell Wireless Icon

If you are using a Linksys card the icon may look like this:

Linksys Wireless Icon

Once your utility is open, select Mustang Wireless and connect.

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