How to Get Connected: Windows Mobile WPA2

WPA2 Configuration

The following procedures describe how to configure WPA2 for mobile devices. At this time ITS is not providing certificate support for mobile devices, though this may change in the future. We suggest that you update to the latest version of your device's software to minimize certificate issues.

Windows Mobile/Phone

Subtle differences in the appearance of the screen may exist depending upon the version of the Windows Mobile device being used.

  1. Make sure that wireless is enabled on your phone and verify that your phone can support WPA2-Enterprise encryption.

    NOTE: Windows Mobile 6.1 supports WPA2, but not all phones support WPA2. Please consult your phone's manual for further information.

  2. Click Start and select Settings.

  3. Click the Connections/Communications tab.

  4. Click Wi-Fi.

  5. Click the wireless network, SecureMustangWireless.

  6. Select The Internet from the Connects to: drop-down menu.

  7. Click Next.
  8. Select WPA2 from the Authentication drop-down menu.
  9. Select AES from the Data Encryption drop-down menu.

  10. Select Next.
  11. Select PEAP from the EAP Type drop-down menu.

  12. A Network Log On window should appear. Enter your LDAP/portal username and password.
  13. Click OK.


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