How to Get Connected: Linux WPA2

Install a certificate on your device to connect to SecureMustangWireless.

Configuring the Client

  1. Proceed to configure the Linux built-in client to connect to the Wireless Network.
  2. Click the Wireless Network Icon in the Notification Area, and select SecureMustangWireless.

    Wireless connection box

  3. Select WPA & WPA2 Enterprise for the Wireless security field.
  4. Select Protected EAP (PEAP) for the Authentication field.
  5. Click HERE to download the Thawte Primary Root CA certificate. Note: You will be redirected to a secure page to download the certificate.
  6. Click on the folder under CA certificate and browse to where you saved the Thawte Primary Root CA certificate.
  7. Select Automatic for the PEAP version field.
  8. Select MSCHAPv2 for the Inner authentication field.
  9. Enter your Cal Poly Portal username and password.
  10. Click Connect to continue.

    Wireless Network Connection Properties

  11. You are finished configuring your computer to connect to SecureMustangWireless.

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