Get Connected to Wi-Fi

Cal Poly offers secure wireless access to students, faculty, and staff, called Secure Mustang Wireless. Campus guests connect to wireless using CalPolyGuest Wi-Fi.

WiFiSetup automatically configures your wireless devices for you, quickly and easily. 

Here's how:

  • Connect your wireless device to our Wi-Fi network called "WiFiSetup".

  • Open a web browser, and you'll be redirected to our device registration page; if you aren't automatically redirected, just type in any website URL, hit Enter, and you'll then be redirected

  • Login with your Cal Poly Portal credentials and let the application do the rest.
  • Apple users: Please "forget" the WiFiSetup network after your device configuration is completed.
  • Apple laptop users: You must know your computer's Administrative password to complete the WiFi Setup process, which is different from your Cal Poly password.  (If you are Faculty or Staff, please ask your department's CITC (LAN) Coordinator.)

IMPORTANT:  Before you get started, we strongly encourage you to update your device to the latest version of operating system software to minimize issues, including the wireless drivers on your device.

Phones & Tablets



If you did not see your device listed above, refer to the generic procedure to connect to Secure Mustang Wireless.


ResNet is the utility that provides a high-speed data connection to the Internet for every student living in Cal Poly-owned housing. This includes all of the residence halls (Yosemite, Sierra Madre, South Mountain, North Mountain) and apartments (Cerro Vista and Poly Canyon Village).

Guests & Visitors

On-campus guests, please use the CalPolyGuest Wi-Fi access instructions when on campus.

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